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Well Pleased And Satisfied With Joe Banna - Open The Gate Bobby Boy

Total Sounds

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Killer, killer roots reissue, previously only available at unspeakably high prices -

What a joy, to have this serious piece of 70's roots on a crisp & clear 12" disc, complete with a previously unreleased version...and a ruff & tuff one it is!.

Well Pleased and Satisfied hit on this Tubby rhythm, with Joe Banna aka Jah Banna aka Bascoe Walker on the microphone, in deejay style and fashion.

The extended vocal version already reaches it's own heights, but things really get ruff on the versions... Hi Hats and Cymbals come crashing down like thunder & lightning, the glockenspiel adds an airy feel to the overweight bassline and hard hitting drum sound.

Served up with the original Total Sounds artwork, this one really is something for the collectors and lovers of original roots music!

Killer, so killer.

Open The Gate

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