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Wen & Facta - late Night/ Polywhirl

Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth is a new label run by Bristol heads Facta & K-Lone, a proper DIY operation putting 'dark functional music' on wax, right up our street then.

Word is that each release on this label will be a split and judging by this we are in for a treat. Both Wen and Facta are exploring some proper darkside UK territory at the moment, through labels like Keysound, Idle Hands, Tempa and Soundman Chronicles. This pair of tracks is arguably the finest from them so far, both tracks are ice cold cuts of sub heavy minimalism, the A-side 'Late Night' has a catchy flute melody and some seriously tasty El-B - esque bass underneath it. The flip 'Poliwhirl' moves at a brisker pace, propelled by bass-laden kicks and  brittle percussion.

Choice tracks here for fans of the ever evolving UK underground

Wen - Late Night

Facta - Polywhirl