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Wen – Finesse EP


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Wen steps up to Tectonic with the Finesse EP.

Super tight quality control is probably the best way to describe Wen’s discography so far. The wait for new material is finally over and this three tracker shows the young producer moving onto a new chapter in his sound.

Rather than relying on vocal samples to give the tracks an identity the A-side, ‘Backdraft’ rolls out an icy cold eski referencing stepper, immaculately produced and loads of fun in the mix.

‘Finesse’ on the B1 rolls out around the 130 mark, laced with trademark Wen vocal samples and wheel-ups and, most importantly, dat bassweight.

The final and, for our money, the most interesting cut, ‘Ghost’ on the B2 switches up altogether and ratchets the pace up to 160bpm, his brand of cold synths and delicately reverbed yet snappy drums work really well at the faster tempo. Compatible with the recent 12s from Soundman Chronicles and the like, this is really wicked stuff.