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We couldn't find much about the artist(s) who made this EP. All we know is they're called Westend and make skeletal takes on classic dance music styles.

On Track 2, booming, 100hz heavy bass throbs, a wonderfully simple kick-snare pattern and ethereal tinkering hats are all Westend need to create a basement-ready vibe, dripping in atmosphere with only the simplest of musical designs. Track 3 uses a barebones arpeggiated synth line to similar effect, layered with subtle, fuzz-heavy atmospheres.Track 4 ups the tempo significantly, presenting a fast but hollowed out take on the '90s acid sound.

All unified by their spartan production style, these tracks pass like a hazy dream, their half-there approach to atmospherics downplaying the surprising attention to detail that become noticeable over repeated listens and heavy rinses on the sound-system.

These are for the 5am crew.

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5