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White Material - 1 Does Not Know

White Material

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a very welcome re-press of a White Material classic.

You know the drill with this one - it’s a 4 tracker from the label artists but there is no info on who made what - it doesn’t matter, there isn’t a dud on here from Morgan louis, Young Male, Galcher Lustwerk and DJ Richard.

Straight down to business on this one, as soon as the needle hits the A1. ‘Does Not Kno’ we are into a stomping piano thumper that’ll instantly ignite the floor - Imagine Soundstream building a fuzzy time machine and going back to Birmingham in 94 and making a track with one of the Downwards lot and you’re on the right lines - big, bold and strictly for dancers.

‘Problems’ complete the side in a more delicate fashion, needle sharp melody and urgent hi-hats propelled by a weighty bass line, gradually getting nastier as the filter opens up. ‘Lost in The Thaw’ loops up a vocal and gets weird as you like, sending it into outer space with nothing more than a few claps and an arpeggio for company.

‘Put On’ ends the proceedings, we suspect Galcher Lustwerk are behind this one if the rounded keys and monotone vocal delivery are anything to go by, super laid back and infectious, perfect for late night mix sessions.

If you missed this one the first time around - now is the time.

1 Does Not Know


Lost In Thaw

Put On