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White Mice - It's A Shame

Basic Replay

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Killer dancehall from around 1987, originally issued on Miami's 'Intelitec' imprint -

White Mice was still a teenager when 'It's A Shame' was recorded, this alone is not huge surprise for a Jamaican musician from around this time, where the youths often mingle with the elders in the Dancehall -
White Mice, born 'Allan Chrichton' was jumping on the microphone during the legendary period around '85, when the casiotone and it's technological peers were embraced by the likes of Prince Jammy and King Tubby's studio.
Considering his age, the lyrics bring a serious political message, a cry for justice that upheld the values of conscious reggae music that it's foundations were set on.

Besides the lyrical content, his efforts shine with tone and delivery, the vocal effortlessly rides this beast of a digital dancehall rhythm.

This one was first issued on White Mice's brothers 'Intelitec' imprint from outta Miami, and now it comes served up once again on a crisp 7" disc via the ever-reliable 'Basic Replay' label ran by Hardwax and Honest Jon's bosses Mark Ernestus and Mark Ainley.


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