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Willie Burns Presents: Land vs Air

Sex Lies Magnetic Tape

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Sex Lies Magnetic Tape is back with a gem! -

After the brilliant 'Tough Cunt' and 'Devesham Dub' tapes brought to us a few months back, it was a nice surprise to receive this package...

Presenting various bits and pieces from Willie Burns several guises, Sex Lies Magnetic have done a great job with the packaging here, screen printed sleeves, dymo stickered and labelled cassettes, an extra mix CD with screen printed housing -
and to top it off... a hand-stamped sick bag (the ones you find on an aeroplane).

This is worth it for the visual aesthetic alone.

But let's not forget the music -

Willie Burns presents us with various tracks from his vast repertoire of palettes and styles, edited and blended for the cassette, and to be found in untouched singular files via the included download code...

From grainy, sludgy 4x4 excursions to left-field house through to some dubbier experiments, there's a lot in here.

These are limited and we only have a handful, be fast if you want one!

Edition of 100 pro dubbed C62 cassettes.
Stamped and screen printed inlay.
Printed labels and dymo on the tape.
Includes extra mix CD by Willie Burns, also in screen printed sleeve.
Hand-stamped sick-bag (fly in style when you next board the plane)
Includes mp3 dl code.

1.Black Deer - Bismark 05:20
2.Black Deer - I Had A Moment Alone 05:41
3.Black Deer - Wolf, Dear Child 03:16
4.Black Deer - Dexatrim 03:31
5.Grackle - Sharp Tack 04:26
6.Grackle - First Pitch 04:52
7.Grackle - Loss Without Hope 10:04
8.Grackle - Unlucky 07:31
9.Willie Burns - August, Winter In Africa 04:18
10.Monobol - Too Hott 04:50
11.Willie Burns - Honey Let Me 04:33
12.Willie burns - One Thousand Pieces 03:55
13.Phobian - 121242 05:17
14.Monobol - Johnny Marr

Black Deer - Bismark

Willie Burns - August, Winter In Africa

Grackle - Loss Without Hope

Monobol - Johnny Marr