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Fresh Wilted Woman sounds!

Out via unifactor, here's this set of 10 side-steppin', head-twistin' tracks on tape, unlocking your doors of sonic perception with a wicked album titled 'Keychain'.

Fresh in the post from via Cleveland, Ohio, Unifactor HQ, then pit-stopping in Berlin at WW HQ and then sent to Bristol (along with some german chocolate, but that's gone now so don't get your hopes up) - we're glad to have our hands on these already-rare cassettes, which are sold out at source and can now only be found right here, from us...
Unless you're lucky enough to get to the vicinity of a merch table near a Wilted Show (yes, the rumours are true, shows are happening again).

For those that don't know (time to get wise)
Wilted Woman is a prolific woman too, with over 20 records on various labels released over the last decade or so - from Nick Klein's Psychic Liberation, to Chloe Frieda's Alien Jams and many more labels that you should probably check out if you like that weird & wonderful stuff (we do).
She's also part of Shakey together with Silvia Kastel, and SUDS together with Christoph De Babalon (check the wicked debut 12" on anno which we've just restocked for the umphteenth time, and that LAVALAVA LV VA 12"...)

Her music defies easy categorisation, but not in a purposely 'difficult' way or anything, more in the way that her output and the nature of her songs and experiments are raw and impromptu most of the time, free-flowingly dictated by the mood of the moment, influenced by a wild and wide interest in sounds - reflected in her Deep Puddle radio shows on Cashmere Radio where post-punk, grime, nintendo, early computer music, noise, industrial, techno, (german) new wave, and other good sh*t gets played, and knowingly or not - finds its way into her music and contributes to her very own magic mush of 'fun industrial' as someone nicely put it once, whilst playing a track from this album on radio.

'Keychain' balances an uplifted, yet one-foot-one-the-ground sombre mood of ruff chug, steppin' drums, and tripped out arpeggios via worlds of weird-synthesis shot through a myriad of major and minor moods.
Neon-coloured synth sounds light the way through jump & run landscapes - do the double jump, but don't fall down that gap! - with enough drums, madness and bursts of noise to dust off your mental cobwebs and make you grit your teeth whilst you reveal that smile.

From the gnarly shuffle of dancehall'd drum shots, crispy arpeggios and sky blue chords of 'Keyloser', through to the 8bit dreamworld navigations of Twofish Can, the scale-climbing avant-retarde of 'Another Set Of Keys' (which'll set your head straight for the final announcement of Side A 'For Your Information') and through to a whole heap of 'what the fukk is this!?' type bangers on the B side (Spidey Logic! shiiiii')....

....It's all very good stuff, full of fun and actually pretty damn tough at the same time.
A hard balance to strike - but Wilted Woman does it real nicely.

We have a handful of these weird, wonderful, badass beauties -
first come first serve.

Comes with DL code.

Written and recorded by Lizzie Davis.
Mastered by Bridget Ferrill at Real Surreal.
Art by Christina Carter.

1. Wet Whistle 03:31
2. Keyloser 03:22
3. Yanny 01:44
4. Twofish Can 03:42
5. Another Set of Keys 01:14
6. For Your Information 03:10
7. DSDD 03:42
8. Spidey Logic 03:29
9. Swat 03:26
10. Pickle Man 06:22



Spidey Logic

Pickle Man