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Cantankerous, hi-nrg dancefloor punk from Milan / Macao / Occvlt Punk Gang's very own Wisecrack -

One of many killer tapes & records that have landed here in a box from our new connection with the excellent Maple Death operation, running out of Bologna, Italy -

If you're into the sounds of Giant Swan, ASDA, Deli Girls, Concentration, Katatonic Silentio, Vex'd...

...or if, like us, you listened to that Avon Garde compilation tape on Avon Terror Corps and had a moment where you caught yourself nodding your head furiously and thought to yourself 'who the f*ck is Wisecrack?!'

Then please, do yourself a favour and take some time to let this one rinse through you. This is sickkkkk as fuck.

"Swarm of failing robots, where are you running to? This is Milano in 2020, put your gloves on, it’s brutal out there. Hailing from the Occult Punk Gang collective and the experimental scene that calls Macao home, Wisecrack perfectly exemplify the bleak narrow futureless city with their heavy dose of industrial bass music.

Their Maple Death self-titled debut is a furious mix of mind bending circuit breakcore rhythms, post-rave, hard techno and synth-punk delivered with an uncanny edge, a kinetic body voyage through vexation that juxtaposes celestial placidity (closing track ‘Wrongful Death’) with residual rage ('Lights Off').

Federico Campo and Francesco Manzato, the duo behind Wisecrack, came together in late 2018, to create music inspired mainly by bass and distortion, documenting city hallucination, suburban sprawls and urban isolation. Their first output ‘Flesh’ was included as a cut in Bristol’s Avon Terror Corps compilation ‘Avon Garde’, epitomizing the duo’s ties to the city’s musical scene: post-dub, industrial, club culture. What characterizes Wisecrack is their unique approach, metallic dry beats, a cyber-punk sneering vocalist and a tribal thump that would not feel out of place on Chicago’s legendary Wax Trax Records."

You've now heard and read enough, so hopefully you can agree:
This is the real deal, heavyweight raucous!

Ltd Edition bronze cassette + DL code.
printed onbody, printed inlays.

1. World Rage
2. Shining Light
3. Out Of Breath
4. Lights Off
5. Wrongful Death

World Rage

Shining Light

Out Of Breath

Lights Off