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Wojciech Rusin - The Funnel


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Lord have mercy on our souls -

this record is, as stated in the press release below, a window into another dimension - no doubt.

First heard (and amazed) live at the Cube Microplex in Bristol, unknowingly, then to stumble across it via the LC distro the same day, it must've been fate - so here it be, this crucial-est of weirdo pheasantry records in some time... This is probably what William Blake was hearing in his head back then.

Read on whilst listening:

"Passport to an OBSCENELY DYNAMIC, contemplative dimension - “The Funnel” is a set of ancient imaginations in a stranglehold of electronics and steel factory atmosfears, originally composed for Radiophrenia by Wojciech Rusin and now gloriously pressed and presented by Glasgow based Akashic Records.

Equipped with some adapted instruments and occultist readings (decent dose of RATHER GLOOMY Greek-Egyptian philosophy in there too) Rusin composes and engineers an unpredictably celestial moving picture for the ear - the auto-tuned intro “Paolo’s Dream” and the bellowing baritones of “Salvation” diffusing into a solemn soul-purging of post-pythagorean(?) electro-organums. “Transmutation” sounds like a petri dish of duplicating cells, contorted beauty with strings soaring like some sorta solar wind, the internalised ecstasy fading into the ambient clatter and percussion of “Cyclops”. The brain really scrambles trying to find points of reference - so we’ll shoot from the hip and go for some ridiculous meeting point between Księżyc’s “Rabbit Eclipse” and the more contemporary work of Pierre Bastien.

Side B offers further consuming, haunted chamber music - “Sacrifice” sounds like some possessed, hologram’d high priest drowning in a sea of sub-bass and gristly electronics before rounding up this destabilising noggin-scrambler with the near ten minute Open Music enchantment “Jupiter”."

Served in a stunner of a silkscreen sleeve - another very point towards the 'must buy' argument.

1. Paolo's Dream 01:50
2. Prima Materia 02:55
3. Salvation 03:23
4. First Encounter 02:49
5. Transmutation 03:46
6. Cyclops 03:37
7. Fox Glove 01:35
8. Dance 02:49
9. Sacrifice 04:58
10. Celestial Twins / Procession 09:03
11. Jupiter 03:20

Paolo's Dream