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Wu-Tang Forever 4 x 12

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Limited, Special Edition of a true classic -

The Album that certified Wu-Tang Clan as underground hero's, the Gold Medal for Hip Hop during the 90's... Wu-Tang Forever, the second Album from the notorious NY Clan centred around the mastermind RZA, is Wu-Tang Clan's most succesful album to date.
Even with little radio promo and a lead single that counts in at around 6mins and has no chorus, this was the Album that shot Wu-Tang into the definite fore ground of the industry, selling over 2 million copies in the USA alone, even winning them a Grammy Award in 1998.

Musically progressing ever so slightly from 'Enter The Wu-Tang's ruffneck production styles, Wu-Tang Forever is still built around the same raw ethics, with heavy-as-lead drums paving the way for Shaolin-informed samples and Brooklyn Zoo's finest lyrical wordplay.

Throughout the course of it's 27 titles, spread across four discs, you will find some of Wu-Tang's most seminal output from their lifespan to date... Ram packed with classics, it's as crucial as their first LP... A masterpiece from the underground of New York, mid 90's.

This edition comes served in a thick card sleeve, with insert, housing four transparent 12"s, with each track cut loud and clear (no pun intended).

It's simply a must, wether you're a Hip-Hop fan or not.

Limited, hand-numbered edition of 1500, only 500 for the UK.
Individually numbered, pressed to transparent vinyl.

Disc 1

For Heaven's Sake
Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothin' Move But The Money)

Disc 2
As High As Wu-Tang Get
Severe Punishment
Older Gods
A Better Tomorrow
It's Yourz

Disc 3
Little Ghetto Boys
Deadly Melody
The City
The Projects
Bells Of War

Disc 4
The M.G.M.
Dog Sh*T
Duck Seazon
Hellz Wind Staff
Black Shampoo
Second Coming
The Closing

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Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4