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Fresh slab on the Sex Tags Mania imprint from Norway -

Along with our latest import pizza box, this solid piece of gold arrived in the post:
Proper trippin' deep club traxx from XI via one of the finest labels in the game.

XI is the name for the combination of Fett Burger (DJ Sotofett's brother and partner in crime) and SVN (check the back-cat for a heap of goodness!) -
Across three cuts, the two producers have built a solid all-round record here, perfectly executed house cuts, complete with filtered acid lines, subdued chords and steady, fluid drum patterns.

A Side is a 9ish minute venture, no need for big drops or build-ups, this one just grooves along at it's very own pace, and that's all we want it to do.
B Side starts off with a bumping slice of acid-tinged excellence, before going back into first gear for some drum-machine cruising.

The real deal!