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Gang Of Ducks unleashes a nine track mystifying trip of an LP by XIII 

The title of this album is "No (The Relative Effects Of Explication)", and since this music sounds like very little else it's as though they are trying to make explicit the inner workings and processes of an Alien society or mind that us humans can never quite understand. Whether it be the indifferent atmosphere or the abstracted elements it is nearly always indecipherable and open to interpretation; a real challenge for the listener. 

Cloaked in fog right from the get go, this album demands a keen ear. Rhythms emerge out of the shroud of hiss only to become entangled in winding synths and haunting drones, culminating in a wistful atmosphere as the ever present feeling of dread lurks in the wings channeled through misheard groans and chokes at the periphery. There is never a dull moment!

XIII has managed to take disparate sonic elements and use them in such a way as to create something entirely new. Echoes of Techno, Noise, Musique Concrete and Contemporary Classical are weaved together in a supremely confident and capable way. Whether it be the woozy 4/4 of "Call Trigger Gloom" combined with a stilted hi-hat and spasmodic snare drum cracks, creating an unusually familiar but completely distinctive sound. The Alien transmissions keep on beaming in the form of "Wwwww" undulating across the soundscape or the robotic chatter of "Santo" and the Bladerunner type synth work on final track "Frgle"

Essential listening for anyone with an urge to hear something different and fresh, as new fragments and sections are discovered with each repeat listen! 

Call Trigger Gloom