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Increased dub pressure from Copenhagen -

Adding to the solid dubwise output of the Portland-based cassette label, we have Xoki who you may know from his collaborations with Hieronymus, and also as part of the Kolortown outfit.

Xoki creates his own brand of old and new, taking influence from the heavyweight side of dub music and it's continuum. The skeletal approach of Basic Channel in the 90's, or even the dubwise mentality of 90's UK dub, Xoki mixes this sensibility for focus on the bare bones, the drum and bass.
Utilising the hardware at his disposal to full effect, each part of the track is shot through vintage reverbs and sweeping delays with the raw lifeforce of 70's roots. Musically, and also In terms of mixing & production, this stands right up there with the greats. Whether it's the sharp hi-hat filtering in the style of King Tubby or the warbling, reverbed bass that his protege Scientist is known for, Xoki has mastered this sound and perused it in fine style.

Highly recommended gear for all fans of proper dubwise!

Artwork drawn by Hieronymus.

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Side 1:
Ljulja Dub
Pull Down
One On The House
Side 2:
Past, Present & Future
Galactic Traveller
Au - 79
Cautious Dub


Ljulja Dub

Galactic Traveller

Cautious Dub