• Xoki & Hieronymus - Butter Bridge / Super Whale

Xoki & Hieronymus - Butter Bridge / Super Whale

ZamZam Sounds

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Fresh cut on ZamZam Sounds! -

It's great to see Xoki & Hieronymus back on the buttons for ZamZam again...

Full-on analogue dubwise rhythms from denmarks dub physicians.

Butter Bridge kicks off with a warning shot of sliding synth melody before dropping deeper and deeper into dubwise territory...
Tumbling tape-echoes, scattering snare rolls, distorted chops and a steady rumbling bassline make this what it is.
A rhythm that will invite you back again and again, growing on you with each listen.
Lovely stuff.

Onto the flip side -
Stepping up the gear and turning up the levels, 'Super Whale'  kicks straight into action with a rocking 4x4 rhythm and notch-filtered hi-hats.
Scientist-style talking bassline pushes things along with the tough foundation of rhythm, not easing off til the needle reaches the inner grooves.
No-nonsense dubwise!

Once again, ZamZam come through with the musical business.

As always, looking fresh and screenprinted in unique ZamZam Style.

Wicked and bad!

Housed in a thick kraftliner sleeve, screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.
Vinyl only, limited edition of 500.

Butter Bridge

Super Whale