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Xvarr - Serpent Power

Good Morning Tapes

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Mystic synthesisms from Xvarr on Good Morning Tapes.

Fresh in the post from the Good Morning HQ in France, we are happy to have our hands on a handful of these Xvarr pieces from the vaults...
Having delivered excellent pieces for the likes of Thuluth Records, several limited, multi-format editions that are hard-to-find but would like to be found by many, and the tripped out experience of his self-released 'Aeons Revolve', Xvarr has been operating (often happily under the radar) since the 90's.
Xvarr is a name that seems to be on the lips and in the ears of some of the most revered heads in the industry, and deservedly so.

Dubbed across 60 minutes of tape, Serpent Power is saturated in the kind of wholesome drift you could expect from the likes of Chi Factory, Unearth Noise, Jon Hassel & the likes, with a unique sense for rhythms and frequencies that encapsulate all the mystery of avant-garde electronic music from previous decades, but somehow still sit in a sphere that feels satisfyingly weird and 'current' in just the right way.

Check below for some quotes coming from the label... Enough to fill your boots with all the info you need in order to proceed:

"Sourced from a collection of old four track tapes/minidiscs, containing random recorded bits of synth...the odd beat here & there... & unfinished tracks from way back when, XVARR pulls together a sound collage of many moods & energies. All drawing heavily on 'Serpent Power' energy - this 60 minute cassette engages the listener into a world of spiritual transcendence, with specific focus on Tantra and the awakening of Kundalini.

We really can't express how fond we are of Zaheer & his ongoing effort to effect universal change through the medium of electronic sound.

And special praise be made to XVARR’s partner in cosmic crime, Egypte Erotique, for very kindly donating one of her incredible pieces for the cover art - which was created whilst in the presence of this very special sound collage being conceived."

...You heard!

Limited edition, served in style.
Act fast if you'd like one.

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