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<< Fresh in the post, str8 from Indonesia >>

Laughing in the face of stuffy IDM, Y-DRA is the truly a>>elerated and triumphant future-shock The Internet promised us. Full-on 6-tabs-at-once cartoonish cinematic climacticism.

“Y-DRA is a moniker of Yennu Ariendra, an electronic musician/composer/sound designer known as the half member of Raja Kirik. Y-DRA is a result of his long-term artistic research on local grassroot dance music in Indonesia especially dangdut koplo and dangdut house in Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Koplo (or "stupid" in Indonesia) is a sub-genre of popular Indonesian music Dangdut that channels the sentiments and experiences of the country's working class. Sometimes associated with psychotropic drugs, koplo is also closely related to funkot and dangdut music.”

A relentlessly eccentric barrage of ideas realised in stunning (AD)HD. Many work, some don’t (but bless’ em for trying!). Don’t fret it though, nothing sits still for more than a few minutes. Our standout track was easily ‘Kombatan Aspal Gronjal’; a ludicrous, hyperkinetic piece of bombastic tribal-tek tearout littered with motorbike engine stabs. ‘Order-Disorder’ is sillier still, just try to imagine AFX soundtracking a Star Wars-themed rural French fairground ride... Hmm.

Elsewhere there are crosspolitations between monstrous Stadium EDM and Atari shred-rock that is still somehow listenable. MORE IS MORE, obviously. ‘

Milisi Miskin Kota’ recontextualizes Asian strings and percussion into a grungy-glitchoid slowburner, climaxing into Indo-Maximalism à la Gabber Modus Operandi. ‘Pencak Siang Bolong’ is a 9 minute epic, recalling that brown-acid fuelled Full Moon Party you wish you could forget.

FFO: SUBKVLT, ATC, WWWINGZ, Fire-Toolz, DJ Eminflex

Edition of not sure how many, but it looks like there aren't many (any?) places to find this tape around this country here at least....

Sayyidah Sound Sistim

Kombatan Aspal Gronjal

No Brain-Dance

Milisi Miskin Kota