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Yabby You - Beware Dub (2x12'' LP)

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Much needed reissue of this classic from 1978 which was released only in the UK and ended up fetching hundreds of quid on the second hand market.

Now you can get your hands on this hidden gem without having to cut off a proverbial limb - hallelujah!

This reissue also packs in 2 previously unreleased dubplate mixes of "Conquering Lion" and "God is Watching You", assisted by The Prophets and Dicky Burton respectively - bass and the strong beats stripped to leave each tune a floating exoskeleton perfect for... er, repurposing...

The rest of the LP is as it was - an inventive, head-nodding affair with a roster of contributors including Sly & Robbie, Vivian Jackson (aka Yabby You) who supplies the rhythms, Tubby and Prince Jammy on mix duty, and finally the vocals of Tommy McCook, Skully, Chinna, Ansel Collins and Bernard Harvey.



God Is Watching You (with Dicky Burton - Dub Plate Mix)