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Yabby You – Dub Conqueror Remix Part 1

Pressure Sounds

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Classic Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson cut 'Conquering Lion' gets remixxed, dub style, via Martin Harrison (This Heat / On: U) and Paolo 'Dubfiles' Baldini -

Conguering Lion, and the Conquering Dub version are serious anthems of JA roots music from the late 70's, and the task of remixing these cuts could easily go wrong, as this track is so untouchable (to our ears at least) -
but Martin Harrison and Paolo Baldini work the rhythm with true taste and respect for the essence and core of this rhythm and the vocal, giving it a new lease of life, with extra pressure in the drums and delicate version expansion on the mixing board.

On the A Side, Martin 'Fredricks' Harrison adds a stepping drum and reverberant, booming bassline that stays true to the original cut, whilst using faders, aux sends and sliders to summon the ghosts of the original in shifted shape, with Yabby You's vocals flying across the foundations of drum and bass with plenty of space in the mix.

Flip it, and we get two remix cuts from Paolo Baldini - going into a deeper, kind of rhythm & sound-esque dub territory with it.
Letting the vocal roll in full for the first cut, and then going into dub version mode for the next cut, with pure focus on the rhythm, and the bassline.

Comes in a lovely National Bird sleeve, presented in a fine manner, as always via the label Pressure Sounds label.

Martin 'Fredricks' Harrison Mix (Yabby you & The Prophets) - Dub Conqueror Part 1

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