• Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist At Dubstation

Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist At Dubstation

Dubmusic Productions

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Big tunes from three Jamaican legends -

Yabby You, real name Vivian Jackson, on production duties here, letting - apart from a cut from Wayne Wade and Alric Forbes - Micheal Prophet lend his voice instead, and then passing it all on to Scientist for the dub mixes. Scientist does so in fine style, letting spring reverb and echos come alive, and rocking - just as you'd expect from the royal family of foundational, original dub, taught in the school of Tubby's.

It seems there is some confusion with track titles between the original JA pressing and this one, but one thing is still for sure -

This one's filled to the brim with true roots & culture, bubbling roots rhythms dubbed out in a way that is simply unsurpassable, and will never get old.

This is beautiful music.
If you disagree even after playing this record, you can have your money back (but we'll call you a fool).

Michael Prophet - Riot In Birmingham (Free Up Your Heart dub)

Michael Prophet - Mask Execution In Angola"(Man Of Experience dub)

Michael Prophet - Blood In South Africa (Know The Right dub)

Michael Prophet - Death To All Racist (Roots Man Time dub)

Michael Prophet - Don't Rape The Black Daughter (Fight It To The Top dub)

Michael Prophet - Rasta Conference (No Friend In This Time dub)

Wayne Wade - Stop Oppression Now (Willow Tree dub)

Wayne Wade - Milinda (Every Tongue Shall Tell dub)

Alric Forbes - Know Your Culture (Jah Know It's True dub)