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Yally - Dread Risk/U-Eff-O


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Yally (Raime’s new, extra gully moniker) are back for their second outing of the year, this time on Diagonal. Darkside ‘93 rollers are the reference point, and boy is it executed in style.

‘Dread Risk’ is the highlight here, showcasing snappy, Source Direct-esque breaks (Word on the street is that this project was excavated from an old unreleased Raime / Source Direct remix project), controlled with all the precision and clarity needed for those headsdown, gunfingers up moments in the dance. Elements are introduced with expert timing and progression, making for a real exercise in meditative soundsystem music. It just gets better and better with each listen.

B-side ‘U-Eff-O’ bares more resemblance to last years Raime album ‘Tooth’, the BPM’s are reigned in for plodding trip through extraterrestrial sublow grime territory. Eerie strings fade into the scene before being retracted again, making for a pensive eyes down groove.

Killer sleeve art (as always) by Guy Featherstone

Dread Risk