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Yao Bobby & Simon Grab & Dhangsha - Live At Radio Bern


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60 minutes of action from a hot & heavy session, live on radio, during Yao & Simon & Dhangsha's recent tour around the release of their Diamonds 12" for LAVALAVA -

Boom! For those who heard about the raucous Yao, Simon & Dhangsha caused on their recent tour, and would've loved to witness them live & direct - here's an artefact that should represent this, as of yet rather rare occasion in the best possible way - keeping your speakers in the red zone right until we can next see them live, or get our hands on a new record... We are waiting eagerly.

And if you've been enjoying Yao Bobby & Simon Grab's latest 12" for LAVALAVA, incl that killer Dhangsha remix (the vinyl is all sold out, but you can still find a DL via the LV bandcamp if you're keen) this one should further satisfy your needs for unhinged, ruffneck rhythm, noise & rap -
and we all need some of that in our lives, just turn this tape up and you will believe it.

As you'd expect from Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, the recording of this live set feels refreshingly raw and unhinged, but in contrast to their latest record, the live set comes with the very effective added anchor of rhythm & bass from Dhangsha's drum sampler - the trio work devastatingly well together in a live setting - we've seen it with our own eyes - and this tape cements that fact further.

Simon Grab's overdriven bass tones & feedback sirens go in bare knuckle fight mode with the counter percussion & mashed up samplism of Dhangsha - a cool combo of explosive sound & rhythm, to which Togo's very-own Yao Bobby responds with his expert, deadly variations of vocal & lyrical styles - Yao is in full charge of anything from ruff & ready fast-chat, to whispering, brooding vox....
If there's a 'calm', it's to signal the storm ahead.

This limited edition tape features an hour of unique live material, including re-worked cuts from their latest record for LAVALAVA as well as improvised and unreleased takes from these three utterly unique, border-crushing mavericks -
London, Zurich & Togo represent!

Limited Edition black C60 tapes.
pro-dubbed, served with printed inlay.
Recorded live to 2 track, at Radio Bern, by Mich Moser.
Photography by Cédric Kouamé.
Layout by Studio Tape-Echo.