• Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi / Church
  • Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi / Church
  • Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi / Church
  • Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi / Church

Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi / Church


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Yao Bobby & Simon Grab are here once again, spitting the final breath of fire from the explosion of their recent album 'Wum' served up on LAVALAVA

Dished up on a very limited run 7" - hundred copies for the RWDFWD distro, and the rest for distribution IRL at Yao & Simon's live shows - here comes this next blast - quite possibly their most fierce and cantankerous yet.

On one side, we have Nyagblodi - Not just a call, but a demand, to corrupt politicians in Africa. Yao's lyrics are a loud voice that demands putting words into action, and realising promises that were made for change - not just in his home country Togo, but all over Africa, which needs to break free from remnants of colonialist shackles, and the general plague of greed & selfishness, which seems to come hand in hand with 'power'.

Rhythmically, Simon Grab goes fully hard knocks on this one - Coaxed out of feedback signals in the mixing desk, he builds on tensions from within the system itself, inhaling its own dirt until it is bulbous like a balloon about to burst. But this is no kids party type clown balloon - this balloon is made out of concrete.
You've been warned.

On the flip, we got 'Church' -
On this track, Yao asks his fellow african brothers and sisters to stop looking to god for problems to be solved. Face reality and recognise the change that needs to come - not just from the outside, but also from within.

Here, Simon Grab lets the turmoil unfoil with a hair-raisingly resonant bass pulse that comes on like a thunderstorm of dancehall rhythmics in XXXplosive mode.
Pure, and undiluted heaviness - because sometimes fixing things is not good enough, often, for real change - something needs to break.

Edition of 100.
Comes with DL (and a secret bonus track).
hand-stamped, served in printed sleeve.
Mastered by Dan Suter, and cut by Flo Kaufmann, pressed at Ramona.



Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nyagblodi

Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Church