• Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Wum (Pre-Release Selection Mixed By Ossia)
  • Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Wum (Pre-Release Selection Mixed By Ossia)
  • Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Wum (Pre-Release Selection Mixed By Ossia)

Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Wum (Pre-Release Selection Mixed By Ossia)


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Ahead of 'Wum' - the long-awaited debut album from togolese rapper activist Yao Bobby and no-input-noisemaker Simon Grab - here's a special little something to wet your appetites and grease those ears while we wait for the vinyl to be pressed up and ready for release on LAVALAVA (in a few months time...)

Nose-diving into a quickfire selection of cuts from the album, LV boss Ossia took a drift through the tracklist and picked out two handfuls of cuts, and mashed them,straight through the mixing desk with a bit of extra fx in the signal chain.

The result is a 30min drift through some of the sonics to be unleashed with 'Wum', an album that showcases the unique soundworld of Yao Bobby and Simon Grab, who each bring a totally singular style & attitude to create a kind of next generation free form rap, noise & synthetic rhythm concoction coaxed out of improvised feedback signals and dynamic microphone control.
Yao's lyrics (in togolese tongue 'ewe', french and also partly in english) deal with the current injustices in Africa and the problems of the colonial aftermath of the west & its remaining grip on the continent. Wether you are able to understand each lyric or not, the unstoppable flow, the versatile dynamic range, and the emotions in the frequencies (both voice and electronics) convey life-force & a sense of resistance... A raw, honest attitude and forward momentum that is unmistakeable in its intent to crush borders sonically, socially, and politically.

'Wum' will be released on 2LP via LAVALAVA later this year, and this pre-release promo cassette is the first chance to dive into the explosion, head first.

Edition of 80 copies (half for RWDFWD, half for Yao & Simon's tour merch)
Pro-dubbed and mastered, comes with DL for the 30min teaser mix.
Music by Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, mixed & selected by Ossia.
Printed tape onbody, printed inlay -
design by Hammer, with photography from Cédric Kouamé.