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Mysterious Portland-based producer Yard steps up with a pair of re-worked tracks and a couple more new bits that continue to solidify his scuzzed up, leftfield sound palette.

Techno, electro and house are the bedrocks for his sonic experiments. Void is as hopeless as the name suggests, pushing a decayed rhythm section to the forefront and shoving echoic whispers of melody and vocal patter in the distant background, being overcome by periodic waves of rhythmicized tape hiss. White Fog builds upon the tropes of Void but adding an acidic, half time twinge to the mix.

On the B side, Canopy pitches a loping, sub-low 4/4 beat against another half-there collection of cavernous atmospherics. The mood remains sombre but more energetic, a mood echoed by the final tune, Marshall Acid - the most DJ-friendly cut here, but by no means its most simple; as with the rest of the EP, a solid, unified core aesthetic betrays a breadth of subtle, individual ideas.

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White Fog


Marshall Acid