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Yasuaki Shimizu - Music For Commercials

Crammed Discs

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An absolute storm of a collection of works from master Yasuaki Shimizu, finally reissued 30 years since it's original release, and still sounding up to the time in all it's glorious demeanour.

Originally out in 1987 on Belgium's 'Crammed Discs' as part of the Made to Measure series, this collection of pieces from Yasuaki Shimizu whips together a wide, yet concise collection of 23 tracks, originally composed as a soundtrack for Japanese TV commercials, plus one piece composed for a computer-animation short.

'Hit and Run sound collages, twittering computers, energetic ricocheting between myriad styles of music."
This tagline from the sleeve art describes it pretty well.

What is really notable is, that despite the barely 2min length of each track, the way they have been compiled to form this LP really compliments this pace... There is never a dull moment, yet the cohesiveness of the tracklisting really does bind them into one, long, highly enjoyable and strangely uplifting listening experience.
It's a real joy to listen to these cuts, all of them bursting at the seams with compositional finesse, drawing from the strange and unheard with odd computerised arrangements and synthesized sounds, through to modern classical extravaganzas that take in whole orchestras and exhume them in a short, clear breath.
From the ambient bangers through to the peculiar snippets, each of the cut is presented in a very compelling and assured way... There is a real musicality in each of these tracks, it's melodious and confident. The sounds may have been designed to entice consumption, and there is certainly a certain alluring conviction in each one, and while the tracks are emotive,  it's all very far away from feeling forced or cheesy, indeed it's all just very fucking classy. Actually, just show me the products they are selling and I'll buy them all now.

Yasuaki Shimizu is a don.

If you like the sounds of O$VMV$M, Broshuda, Ryuchi Sakamoto or even that feeling of certain Shinichi Atobe tracks, then you'll love this record too.

Remastered by Mitsukazu Tanaka in Tokyo.
Served with printed inner, and outer sleeve.
Cover illustration - Suntory Ad by Akira Yokoyama.

1. Tachikawa 01:07

2. Seiko 1 00:57

3. Seiko 2 01:08

4. Sen-Nen 1 02:04

5. Ricoh 1 01:31

6. Seiko 3 01:17

7. Boutique Joy 01:23

8. Seiko 4 01:11

9. Ricoh 201:17

10. Laox 01:17

11. Shiseido 01:09

12. Seiko 5 00:48

13. Sharp 01:08

14. Sen-Nen 2 02:03

15. Honda 01:35

16. Suntory 00:42

17. Knorr 01:00

18. Bridgestone 1 01:57

19. Bridgestone 2 00:54

20. Bridgestone 3 01:59

21. Bridgestone 4 01:00

22. Bridgestone 5 01:20

23. Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu 09:49

24. Seibu 00.37



Ricoh 1

Boutique Joy

Seiko 4