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Yellowman - Mister Yellowman LP


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Yellowman, do it! -

If we had to nominate one deejay with the coolest style... it would probably have to be Yellowman.
His delivery is so effortless and the words flow so easily it's hard not lean back and sway when he starts talking.

Backed by the Hi-Times Band and Roots Radics Band, the rhythms are all fully on point, in fresh 1982 Greensleeves presentation, dancehall style.

This 10 track LP features big tunes such as 'Lost Mi Love', 'Mister Chin', 'Duppy Or Gunman' and of course the brilliant 'Yellowman Getting Married' - to name a few.... a must in the collection for all dancehall massive.

Special shout to deejay Fathead on backing vocals. 'Bim!'

Don't resist.

1: Natty Sat Upon The Rock
2: Lost Mi Love
3: Mister Chin
4: Two To Six, Supermix
5: Morning Ride
6: How You Keep A Dance
7: Jamaica A Little Miami
8: Yellowman Getting Married
9: Duppy Or Gunman
10: Cocky Did A Hurt Me

Natty Sat Upon The Rock / Lost Mi Love

Mister Chin / Two To Six, Supermix / Morning Ride

How You Keep A Dance / Jamaica A Little Miami

Yellowman Getting Married / Duppy Or Gunman / Cocky Did A Hurt Me