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Yokel - Smell Of Deer

Avon Terror Corps

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Next up flowing forth from the Avonian trough, its YOKEL!

Our very own Plaque/Slack - Lighter than Light - dear friend and tireless advocate of shouldn’t-work-but-it-does music pudding, YOKEL’s debut solo offering comes in the form of ‘Smell Of Deer’- hot on the heels of recent transmissions from Olivia Mutant John/Wrong Travolta and All Times Now Nothing - go cop a look at those if you haven’t already!!!

Over the course of seven strapping cuts, YOKEL parades their knack for marrying contemplative haze with a bullish rhythmical sag - the tentative lurches of opener ‘I’ or the paranoid throb of ‘Little Mannie’ sit comfortably alongside the floor ready offering of ‘Bonfire Night’ - an addictive pulse sparring with a haunted sibilance.

Centrepiece ’T Version’ is all dogged no-wave swagger; fidgety subs rolling steadily alongside a patiently bwanging kick drum, before the full contact rattle of ‘sQeek Jam’ sorts you out like a two footed tackle. Better still, we get the pleasure of ATC antagonist Dalí de Saint Paul of Harrga/EP 64 infamy cropping up and combining her turbulent word sound with YOKEL’s inch perfect drums on ‘Safernoc’. Resulting in a marvellous scramble of all your fave dub and post-punk bands spat out in a hopeless refrain of ‘IT WON’T GET BETTER’. Two absolute greats in union - don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Across both sides of ‘Smell Of Deer’, YOKEL commands an airtight operation - slipping into shrouds of dosed effects one minute and tickling the airwaves with highly pressured passages of total focus the next. It's understatement time, when we say we’ve been looking forward to showcasing YOKEL for a looong old time now - we feel very lucky to be able to transmit to you the low key delight we hear in these tunes. Enjoy.

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1. I
2. II
3. Safernoc ft. Dali de Dali Saint Paul
4. Bonfire Night
5. Little Mannie
6. T-Version
7. sQeek Jam

All tracks by YOKEL
Except vocals on 'Safernoc' by Dali de Saint Paul
Mastered by Lurka
Additional mixing on Track 3 by Avon
Forged at West Kennet Long Tapes

Bonfire Night

Little Mannie

T Version

sQueek Jam