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A culmination of collaborations and combined studio sessions, Young Echo are now finally ready to present their next LP.

Spanning 24 cuts and served in artwork designed by members and affiliates, the Young Echo LP is a capsule intended for cementation through time.

It’s been almost five years since their last album has been released.
As a group, extended radio submissions, prolonged studio sessions and notorious club nights make up the cogs of time.

Over the course of these years, the network has grown continually, both as one, and with singular, multi-directional paths from each of the 11 artists that make up the Young Echo collective, counting Jabu, Vessel, Kahn, Neek, Ishan Sound, Ossia, Manonmars, Bogues, Rider Shafique, chester giles and Jasmine towards the crew, with projects such as Bandulu, FuckPunk, O$VMV$M, Gorgon Sound and ASDA adding to the table in their individual ways.

However, this record aims not to be judged on any single producer or vocalist.
It is most effective as a whole, simply titled Young Echo...

Of course each of the artists has an important part to play, but it is very much about the act of balance, accepting individualism to form a greater whole.

A good example is the welcome addition of new energy coming from Jasmine (1/3 of Jabu) who injects endless space with her vocals, perfectly answered by the cool-killin’ wordplay of Manonmars - who makes his long awaited debut here - sharing stage with the immediate poetry of ASDA’s very own chester giles, along the mighty sound of Rider Shafique, and Bogues’ versatile style that can flit between rap & song within seconds. Five very different vocalists that could’ve tried to find a compromise, but instead choose to connect in different ways, finding their niche in the equal range of rhythms and sounds that sprawl in this shared space, the juxtaposition.

The Young Echo LP is here -

Detuned soundsystem stylings, love songs swaying in hacked up ambience, skeletal dancehall, microphone technique, dread electronics, outsider pop, this record manifests the outcome of the shapeshifting anarchy which rears it’s head when no one idea can rule, embracing the diversities when one path must be made up of many.

Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.
Artwork by O$VMV$M & Joshua Hughes-Games.


1. Never

2. Rocksteady

3. Sedated Private

4. Transmission 1

5. Psychology Of Destructive Cult Leaders

6. Hake

7. dominoCro

8. Bigger Heads

9. Here

10. Still Yours

11. Untitled

12. Wolfe

13. Anye

14. Stare

15. Oh, Won't You

16. Transmission 2

17. Red Dot, Green Light

18. Baron

19. Oran

20. Nothing

21. Home

22. Kidney Punch

23. Grid Lock

24. Wicked Ones

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Clip 3

Clip 4