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Young Echo - Nexus CD

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Young Echo - Nexus CD - Smoky-Interstellar sonics via Bristol on Ramp Recordings.

Young Echo comprises several of the most promising talents in underground music with scene luminaries like Kahn, Vessel, Ishan Sound, El-Kid and Jabu, all with seemingly disparate sounds on the surface, but with a common thread running through their output they have combined forces to release one of the most coherent yet adventurous albums.

From the scattered clangs of "Radial Sheaves", the clicks and clunks of "Untitled No.7", the muted R&B of "My Child, My Chain" and the puristic Dubstep vibes of "Umoja" this album takes it all in and then some! There aren't many albums that could have the Sugary-Sweet garage bump of a track like "Blood Sugar' and follow it up with an Avant Garde Electroacoustic piece like "Eternities…" and it sound half as congruous as it does here.

Open the cellar door and let the haze billow out, take a step into the unknown with Young Echo, you might never leave! 


Radial Sheaves

Untitled No.7

My Child, My Chain

Blood Sugar