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Youngstar & Hindzy D - Pulse Target / Target Vs The Formula

DDJS Productions

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Rougher than rough early grime duppy disc!

O.G players in the game Youngstar & Hindzy go head to head on this slice of London underground sound from the last decade.

Hindzy D's Target circulated in the early 00's as a white label being passed over the counter at LDN stores such as Big Apple Records (RIP), and it is now hard to find.
Youngstar's 'Formula' was on the flip of his big, bashy 'Bongo' 12" back in 2002, and this 12" here sees it go sparring with Hindzy's Target.
Believe us, this ain't no technical K.O. either, it's a straight knock to the jaw.

To be honest with ya, there ain't no topping this sort of bare-bones original grime, and it's always a joy to hear the many incarnations of each rhythm, it's London's answer to Kingston's dancehall.

You're all set to do the damn damage with this disc here.
This one is a no-brainer, if you know anything about grime, fucking stick it in the bag mate.

Hindzy D - Pulse Target

Youngstar - Target Vs The Formula