Yousuke Yukimatsu

MBE Series

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"Founder of Zone Uknown, Dommune selector and recent affiliate of Asian Dope Boys, Yousuke Yukimatsu (Osaka, 1979) is a key figure in the Japanese electronic culture.

If you see him playing it's impossible to not get caught by his unique and visceral style of DJing.

For the MBE series he recorded 90 minutes of music made strictly by Japanese artists offering us an extraordinary wide-eyed perspective on the far east electronic culture.

Imagine being in Osaka or in Tokyo in an overcrowded obscure underground small cave listening to some sweating freaks playing distorted noise, or sitting on a bamboo mat in a machiya while Shigeo Tanaka is playing the yumi, or being in the Hozen Ji temple reaching the ascension with the chants of the priests, or getting lost into a cyberpunk scenario with DJs spinning dark techno into a foggy warehouse with just s low strobe light on.. Well you can just get a glimpse of what this tape is."

Need we say more? Giovanni Napolano aka NPLGNN is back with his MBE Series, after offering a couple of stellar editions with Beatrice Dillon and Conor Thomas previously.

Great hand-made package, each one is a little bit unique...

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