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Zennor - Rosevale II

Deep Street

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Deep flavourz coming outta Bristol with our most wholehearted recommendations

Pev and Andy Mac hook up once more as Zennor on this inaugural release (following up on that stellar TTT outing last year) on Andy Mac and Jay L's new imprint, Deep Street.

The collaboration occupies the entirety of the A side - dubby, atmospheric and the kind of material that instantly commands the floor into a lockstep groove. We truly can't get enough of this at the office, and the duo really show how good simplicity can be when in the right hands. It's a bold statement of course, but we will be filing this one alongside our Basic Channel remix records, it's that good.

Andy Mac goes solo with Ideazzz on the B, an understated roller which, like its cousin on the A, gets eons of mileage out of its relatively few ideas - a captivating flute-like sample and some skippy drums all it needs to keep you hooked over it's 5 minute run time.

Housed in a screen-printed kraftliner outer sleeve, done down the road in Easton.

Proper Bristol-school stuff this, you really can't go wrong.

Limited copies, same rules apply.

Zennor - Rosevale II

Andy Mac - Ideazzz