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Zha / Sorrow / OH91 / Lington – Peach Bits Vol.1

White Peach Records

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Killer OG grime style white label, limited to 200 -

We don't need to say much about this one, a quick listen to the clips will give you the gist of what's going on -

What  we have here is a four-track disc, featuring a selection of cuts from Bristol's OH91, Zha, Sorrow and Lington for the White Peach imprint.

Four straight-up grime tracks that do nothing less than fulfil their aim to mash up a dance, filled with the hype and excitement of those early Macabre Unit, Jon E Cash, Wiley and Terror Danjah beats that we love so much... it's as aggy and fast-paced as you want grime to be, recent productions that certainly do the sound justice.

An exception comes in the form of OH91's 'Goon Mode' which makes up the leaner cuts of the four, with a swaggering low-end and double-time hi-hats in the style of Southern US rap beats... a refreshing breather in between the straight-up-madness of the rest of the tracks.

A serious DJ-weapon this... and it's limited to 200 copies - so be fast if you want in.

Sorrow - Screwface

OH91 - Goon Mode

Zha - Levels

Lington - Bounty