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Zha - Southampton Lengman EP


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White Peach bossman throws a few knockout punches via the White Peach imprint -

Following on from previous discs, here comes the next edition, white label style once again...
Proper gunfinger grime on this disc, kicking off with the original lick followed by three raggo remixes of Zha's 'Southampton Lengman'.

Originally designed for dubplate-use only, Zha tells us he couldn't resist the increasing requests for it to reach wax once it got played on radio shows and merked a number of raves...

Loaded up with hi-pressure remixes from Trends, Carlos and Frampster, we're glad it's on vinyl too.
The fifth disc on the White Peach label delivers another solid pack of heavy-hitting dancefloor cuts, adding to the ever-growing momentum of the new-age grimewave.

Proper damagers!

Don't sleep.

Zha - Southampton Lengman

Trends Remix

Carlos Remix

Frampster Remix