• Zhou - Locust Tree

Zhou - Locust Tree

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The 30th release from Punch Drunk Records, in the forefront of the Bristol underground music scene ever since the first 12" was released back in 2007, comes in the form of 'Locust Tree' and 'Locust Dub' by fresh Bristol Sound: Zhou.
'Locust Tree' moves forward with an assertive Dancehall structure, reduced to it's bare bones. A heavy chill surrounds the ever present low-end, with misty pads and distant echoes swaying over a shuddering hi-hat pattern.
Rather than an obvious drop, this track leaves the listener in angst of whats next, like incoming waves into a rocky seashore at night, with the tide gaining territory...
'Locust Dub' revisits the structures of the A-Side, injecting further doses of deadly sub and scattering hi-hats, bouncing off an even more assertive kick drum pattern, like the sound of thunder adding to the imminent danger of the incoming storm...
Hard and heavy!

Served in a reversed board picture sleeve, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

Locust Tree

Locust Dub