• Zion Train - ECCHERECCA' III - The End Of Industrial Age, 05/03/1994.
  • Zion Train - ECCHERECCA' III - The End Of Industrial Age, 05/03/1994.

Zion Train - ECCHERECCA' III - The End Of Industrial Age, 05/03/1994.

MBE Series

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MBE Series come correct once again, delivering another piece in the puzzle of italian (meets UK) free party / rave history from the 90s, packed onto tape with lots of historical background - time capsule style!

Read below for all the questions you may have: answered.

Following the astonishing Paul Daley tape we released early last year we are proud to present another gem from the United Tribes archive, a Zion Train live recording from the same ECCHERECCA' III event,  back in 1994.Ragga junglish and dubby acidific house for the heads, 45 minutes of wicked sound that makes you want to rave as you were in a sweaty warehouse of that very futuristic past past.In resident DJ and member of the UT crew Danylo's words:"Back in 1993, I was resident Dj and active member of United Tribes, playing upfront progressive house on our club nights. I was also thrilled by the emerging scene of ambient and techno dub gaining momentum in the same period. Then, our local record store in Naples, called Flying records, started to distribute 12-inch mix from a label unknown to me, called Universal Egg, Zion Train label. Well, I got amazed by the solid groove and bass of Universal Egg tunes. It was roots music projected into the future. At some point Ivanmaria Vele-the instigator of United Tribes- went to London on one of his usual trips where he met Paul Daley. In fact we were mad about the latest Leftfield productions and wanted him to play in Naples. Ivan and Paul met in a club where, surprisingly, Zion Train were playing in one of the darkest rooms. So the contact with Paul and Zion Train was created, 2 phone numbers and few notes a piece of paper with that brought us directly to shape ECCHERECCA!? III, in March 1994: The rest is history, and in this tape you can experience the incredible live performance by Zion Train. A step in a future that will ever be present."

Edition of 150 tapes in bubble bag + A5 risograph insert.