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Zoë Mc Pherson, SUDS, NKC x Bakongo, Lurka - LV VA12-1


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Down to the last handful of this!


Four cuts on an upfront slab of wax for turntable enjoyment ahead of a big compilation entitled ‘LV VA’, which is to be released at the end of this year, showcasing music from over 30 artists, from almost as many locations.

This sampler 12” sneak-previews four of the more energetic, off-kilter (brain) dance tracks ahead of the full release…

For example, the bitcrushed grime of ’Jackpot’, a highly infectious piece of freak music that perfectly defies proper categorisation, produced by the unlikely, but even-better-for-it, pairing of Wilted Woman and Christoph De Babalon, together as SUDS.

Then there’s that big bass mutation of ‘Alva’ a high-pressure soundsystem time-bomb that crosses between dancehall, grime and tekno, produced by Zoe McPherson, proving once again that rhythm can be exploratory, full of intrigue, and hard-hitting at the same time.

There’s also a big, bashy linkup from UK Funky veteran Roska as Bakongo, alongside one of the ’Hard Drum’ pioneers, and now Bristol-resident NKC who has been pushing that sound to deadly effect. Together, they created ‘Teardown’, a pure, undiluted drum tool, reduced strictly to to the most hard-hitting, and dance-able rhythmic elements.

Last, but not least, one of Bristol’s finest crafters of dancefloor sonics, Lurka has delivered a prime example of his highly intricate, low-slung production style with ‘Patterning’ a lean cross of chuggin’, fizzin’ hi-tek dancehall, filled with heaps of funk and a deadly amount of bassweight.


300 copies, mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Served in hand-stamped & stickered paper sleeve.
For now, only on vinyl.

Lurka - Patterning

NKC x Bakongo - Teardown

SUDS - Jackpot

Zoë Mc Pherson - Alva