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Zomby ft. Wiley - Step 2001

Big Dada

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Two of London's most maverick talents, together on a limited 12" via Big Dada -

Both Zomby and Wiley have contributed some of the UK's most forward thinking underground music, especially during the emerge of grime & dubstep in the 2000's...
They have since gone on to much higher regions in the industry, even toppling the charts whilst making it into the spotlight for fairly outrageous industry behaviour... All part of being a pop-star, we suppose.

But now, back to the music - because that's all that really matters -

As the title suggests, 'Step 2001' harks back to the beginnings of their careers (even if that year marked more of a year of inspiration for Zomby, who was probably still soaking up the early Rinse Fm pirate radio transmissions around that time).

Without a doubt, Wiley and his 'Eski beat' must have been a big inspiration for Zomby, who turned the open grime & dubstep palette on it's head with his unique arpeggiated syncopations and gully basslines in the early days, not far from Wiley's inventiveness, at a time when UK underground music was arguably at it's most forward-thinking.

Step 2001 sees Wiley bringing it back to what he does best - fire lyrical shots and kill soundboys with sheer, boastful confidence, all whilst Zomby distills some of that Eski-energy into a highly effective, stripped back, woozy mix of melody and rhythm, certainly validating this combination and the retrospective revamp of a, now, classic sound.

A wicked disc!

Single Sided, hand-stamped.

Step 2001

Step 2001 Instrumental