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zweikommasieben Magazin #13


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The best 'zine we know for underground art & music: zweikommasieben -

This is issue 13 in the highly collectable series, and we have a couple of spare copies - snatched from the source - here for those who'd like to delve in!

The german translation for 'twopointseven' this quarterly print, now in it's 18th edition, is a testament to this rather solid DIY venture from a group of friends (check the Praesens Editionen imprint for more insights into their doings) around Zurich, Switzerland.

zweikommasieben combines well-researched writing and in-depth interviews with some of the most intriguing figures in electronic music and beyond -
It's a truly informative venture, packed with character (and characters).
Each 'zine packs a masterclass in design - each one has a different look and feel - wether it's a curious mix of page sizings, colour photos offset on newsprint, foil sleeves etc etc - they're always a pleasure to unfold...
It's a necessary statement against the quickwash of internet hype and the scroll race against time.
They're also written in German and English, so if you're bilingual with those languages you can read it zweimal (or more).

Put on the kettle, play your favourite record, or search the artists recommended within the mag for the ultimate soundtrack, and indulge in some good old fashioned print, trust us - it's nice.

This edition features, across 175 pages, insights & interviews with:

Aïsha Devi & Tianzhuo Chen
Dean Blunt
Thug Entrancer
Mathew Dryhurst
Nick Klein
Lane Stewart & Rabit
Butter Sessions
Don’t DJ
Felix Kubin
Phase Fatale