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zweikommasieben Magazin #15


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Issue 15!

A rare handful of this - pretty much sold out already - past issue from the one-and-only zweikommasieben 'zine from outta Zurich - from Stingray to Sleaford Mods, this one features a gang of good people, and their thoughts, from around this worldwide music circuit which we're all so intrigued about.

The german translation for ‘twopointseven’, this quarterly print – now in it’s 18th edition – is a testament to this rather solid DIY venture from a group of friends (check the Praesens Editionen imprint for more insights into their doings) around Zurich, Switzerland.

Each ‘zine packs a masterclass in design – each one has a different look and feel – wether it’s a curious mix of page sizings, colour photos offset on newsprint, foil sleeves etc etc – they’re always a pleasure to unfold…
They’re also written in German and English, so if you’re bilingual with those languages you can read it zweimal (or more).

But thats' just our two pence -
here's the low-down on this specific issue, coming via the 2,7 HQ -

"Yet another issue encompassing a broad spectrum of interviews, columns and more that speak for the unbroken, critical, and aesthetic potential of a global electronic music. Specifically there’s interviews with DJ Stingray, J.G. Biberkopf, Interstellar Funk, Grebenstein, Brain Case, Pan Daijing and Marlene Engel, one of the curators of Wiener Festwochen; portraits on Tolouse Low Trax and Sleaford Mods; an essay called “Entropy as Exit” by DeForrest Brown Jr. on the albums Cellular Automata by Dopplereffekt and I-LP-O in Dub’s Capital Dub Chapter 1; columns featuring the development of dancehall (“Basslines”), the CDJ-2000 (“Track Down Fiction”), pictures from the Johannesburg scene (“We Are Time”), Vinyl-on-Demand (“From Here Till Now”) as well as poems (“Sound Texts”) and thoughts on the Gegenstand (“Gegen:stand”); PLUS contributions by Jackie and Gil, Tomasa Del Real, Pure Mania and mittageisen’s Bruno W."

Language: English/German
Edition: 1700
Pages: 162
Size: 155 x 230mm

You can't go wrong with this - it's a neat artefact filled with great words and design... The perfect holiday from the usual screen-based consumption of information!