Hotline019 >> Advance copies incoming

Hotline019: Quartz

Advance Copies 20-2-23

It's been around 10 years since the Hotline label put out it's first cryptic voicemail teasers and started pasting up road promo around the streets of Bristol. The SIM card and o.g, hotline phone is now dead, but based on the photos of recent sightings which we're attaching here, it seems the street promotion is still a thing, and word on the 19th disc on the label is now out there -


In fact, we can confirm that it'll be fully out there from this Monday, 20th feb 2023 - Which is when we'll be shipping out upfront copies of the slamming new three track 12" from Quartz on Hotline Recordings.


Don't be late if you want a special edition (50 copies only) of 12" + zine. All designed by Studio Tape-Echo, and screenprinted / risoprinted by Ross, around the corner if our HQ, at Bathtub prints.