Blast from the past: The 2014 MYSTERYFORMS produced sneak-preview video for SKRS 'Rootprinciple' release on NoCorner

'Time flies when you're having fun', they say.
Well, I guess the overall feeling of the last 8 years must've been 'fun' then, because it doesn't seem so long ago that NoCorner released the 'Rootprinciple' tape by Seekersinternational (aka SKRS aka SKRSINTL...).
The timeless-ness of the music could also be a factor here, as this one still sounds mighty good a few years on, and the recent reissue on vinyl kind of cemented that feeling now.

Just before re-issuing this one, we dug up the old artwork from the cassette release, and the other bits and bobs that came with it (shouts to everyone who remembers those spray painted red, gold & green special edition tapes btw) - in order to version the artwork for vinyl, and also just because it's nice to re-visit these memories sometimes.
Around this time, we also remembered this absolute gem of a promo-video, put together by SKRS affiliated MYSTERYFORMS which appeared in the lead-up to the first time it got released, in 2014....
So, in an attempt to keep this rwdfwd blog updated now and then, and in case you haven't watched this feast for the eyes (and ears) yet -
turn the lights down, spark up, press play, and enter the jungle: