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DJ2Button - Transient Communications

Dummy Hand

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Big moves from out of the Noods Radio HQ in Bristol, launching a new label project entitled Dummy Hands, with five versatile rhythm trips from the mind of Dj 2Button, all the way from Vancouver >>

Nice to see the Noods kru step forward / sideward with another disc of wax, following up their 5 year celebr8r various artists disc with Katatonic Silentio, Cleyra, Epsilove & Ployer Flower, Valesuchi, Pessimist and Ossia recently.

This one - on new imprint Dummy Hands - goes into warped chug mode, with 5 cuts on that deep trippin' tip - perfectly suited for hot summer nights mixing up some magic on the 1s and 2s, and for past-bedtime 5am - sun's coming up (and we are too) - dancefloor scenarios.

From the rhythmic ambience of Aurora Arrivals, to the zoned out, down-tempo Mood Dance, New Waving title track Transient Communications, and (perhaps personal favourite!) discordant bass growler with an extra terrestrial kind of vibe (aptly titled 'Distant UFO Signals'), right to the final slab 'Space Jam' - which may, or may not be a reference to a 90s cinema classic, but either way, after hearing this one... I Believe I Can Fly.

This is a top record if you ask us, big up the Noods family, and the station community that grows around it.

Buy this record, and you support a very good thing from very good people, and get some very good music in return.


Aurora Arrivals


Mood Dance


Transient Communications


Distant UFO Signals


Space Jam