RWDFWD Choice Selections - Bassbin Damagers

Lurka x Bruce present: XRA

XRA - 12"

This is the most dynamic dance music record we've had our hands on in ages. Lurka and Bruce are both known for intricate sound design and real know-how when it comes to testing the limits and going extra freaky with the production. This new XRA project delivers laser precision high frequencies, morphing melodies and real low-end chug wrapped in deft arrangements that range between variants of techno and other soundsystem music. There are moments in these tracks where it really does sound like the speaker is about to explode. Perfect.

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G36 - No Escape / Black Mass

Hotline Recordings - 12"

We thought that G36 was a crew of 'anarcho dub punks' from Japan, but there are also rumours that 'The Bug' and Goh Nakada (aka Gorgonn) are involved. Who knows... Either way, this 12" on Hotline Recordings is probably one of the loudest sounding records in the catalogue, and it makes sense, as we all know how much The Bug is into heavyweight soundsystem pressure, and you should also know that Goh is his sound engineer of choice, and operates the PRESSURE soundsystem with its 10 18" sub bass scoops. This 12" comes pressed with one tune per side for maximum dynamic impact, served in one of Studio Tape-Echo's finest sleeve designs...

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NPLGNN - Sonico

LAVALAVA - 12" - full screenprinted sleeve

This one came out in 2018, but we'll keep peddling this one until every last copy is out there causing more raucous on turntables around the world. NPLGNN's 'Sonico' is three tracks of soundsystem obliteration in ruffneck acid-dancehall mode. From the sub-low bassline brukkage to relentless staccato rhythms and hi-freq pressure, this record is loud as hell and the sleeve art (by Patch Keyes) matches that just perfectly. Cantankerous.

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Ghostigital & Finnbogi Pétursson: Sirkus Requiem

Laton - 12"

Implosive sound art / avant garde noise designed to test the limits of the soundsystem and surrounding infrastructure - in this case inside Reykjavik's legendary bar Sirkus & Gallery i8, as well as Danube Festival, Krems/Austria. All tracks are recorded from extremely loud concerts with on-site ultra low frequency installations, designed to rattle ribcages, walls, windows and speakers alike. The 12" is cut with a long piece on each side, and there's a bonus CD with two extra tracks inside too. How do you get on with your neighbours?

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