RWDFWD choice selections - Experimental / Weirdo

Ann Eysermans - For Trainspotters Only

Cortizona / LP + insert poster

Next up on the great Cortizona label (Luz Azul, Bernard Sjazner, etc!) we get the debut album from Belgian multi-instrumentalist Ann Eysermans, who manages to bring faraway worlds together through sound with 'For Trainspotters Only' - somehow creating a truly captivating journey out of train / machine recordings, harp, voice, and other sources. Get your ticket and see for yourself...

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Omega Mai

Castel Sottera Records / LP

RWDFWD was very lucky to grab some copies of this latest collaboration from Mediterranean noise titan / drummer Mai Mai Mai as he was passing through Bristol. From what we can tell we're the only shop in the world to have them.... Two side long improvisations of sci-fi kosmische with Italian psych collective Squadra Omega - blistering sax, dramatic peaks and troughs, chest-rattling atmospherics sparring with star-gazing moogs. Jaw dropping stuff.

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Tina Hitchens - Right Into The River

TBC Editions / Cassette

Along with a great haul of tape / DIY boxes which we got from our friends at TBC Editions, named after the sadly closed 'The Brunswick Club' down the road, we got this solo debut from Tina Hitchens, who is also part of the great all-female Viridian Ensemble (one of our fave improv acts ever) alongside the likes of Dali De Saint Paul. The tape explores the intersection of improvisation and composition, using acoustic instrumentation such as flute to get lost in an organic, shifting set of loops and electronics.

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Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Wum

(Pre-Release Selection Mixed By Ossia) | LAVALAVA - Cassette

We can't guarantee that this'll still be in stock by the time you read this, but just in case it is... Don't sleep on this pre-release warning shot ahead of the new Yao Bobby & Simon Grab album, which is due out on LAVALAVA later this year, on 2LP.... This pre-release cassette contains a 30min selection of the sonics from the album, shot str8 thru the mixing desk by Ossia at LV studios for good measure. Edition of 80 tapes, but Yao & Simon took most of them for tour merch already...

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