RWDFWD choice selections - Tip-Top Tapes

Koehler - Supernatural Onslaught

Simboli Sacri - Cassette

This side-step cassette album came out in 2020 at that time when creativity was shifting from dancefloor minded, to (arguably more honest and creative) 'listening music'. Koehler manages to meld a unique pot of italian horror film style psychedelia, prog rock (with a subtle dubstep twist) and guitar dirges with Supernatural Onslaught, a truly exceptional album that sounds ultra solid on tape. For those that don't know, Koehler who was last seen twisting up techno rhythms on the likes of Berceuse Heroique, Skudge, Diagonal & ESP Institute, but it's great to see the expansion of his sound & style with this killer, killer album here.

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Slack Alice - 5th Birthday Compilation

Slack Alice - Cassette

Bristol's Slack Alice gang celebrate their 5th year of running no-fux-given / lots-of-fun-had parties in pubs (RIP Surrey Vaults, long live Mickey Zoggs) and other spots, with a killer compilation by artists who have performed music & drank together over the years. The cassette is jam-packed with belters from the industrial music aftermath of recent time, pulling in wicked tracks from none other than Scorn, Stephen Mallinder, Bad Tracking, October, Kahn, Prostitutes, Spiriftlesh, Jay Glass Dubs, Robin Stewart, Fever 103 and more.

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Conor Thomas - The Smoking Man - MCR 2002 - 2006

MBE Series - Cassette

Conor Thomas is a head for sure, there's no denying that. He's a long time Boomkat employee and the boss of the Death Of Rave label, but above that, he's just a music head like the rest of us, just maybe a bit more than most. His record collection is full of underground gems from the last couple of decades, and this particular tape mix for NPLGNN & Dave Saved's MBE Series showcases a particular sound that was heard in raves in the early 2000s, when Conor was known as 'The Smoking Man' lurking in the shadows at the dance, probably in the sweet spot for bass vibrations.

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Jabu - Versions

Do You Have Peace? - Cassette

The ghosts of the 'Sweet Company' LP from Jabu lurk within this cassette, dubbed into infinity by Jabu's producer brainchild Amos. Original tracks are hollowed and new space is carved within the ghostly rhythms, leaving us to explore the open space between vocals, the lean boom of the bassline and those reverberated melodics. These versions let the beauty of the tracks shimmer in a new light, or a new darkness even. Simply put - this is one of Young Echo's very finest... Don't sleep on it baby.

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